Access the Multiverse

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It’s MELO-X, your favorite sound wizard and creative hoarder. For years I’ve been hoarding terabytes of music, films and art that I’ve never released to the public. I like to live with my work, but my friends, family, business partners and even the mother of my child have threatened to disown me because of all this fire I’ve been hoarding. This changes today!

I’m giving you a Multipass to my universe. As a Patreon Multipass Member, I’m providing you exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage and experiences, as well as an in depth look into my creative process. I’ll be sharing music theory and weekly Q+A’s, so we can get to know each other better.

I’ll unleash rare gemz from my archive including remixes, beats, song stems, and secret tings. You’ll get access to special merch and other rewards just for my inner circle of fans including special guest passes and discount tickets. And I’ll be releasing my new album here first before I share it with the public.

I want us to create together and the Patreon Multipass is the gateway to this new adventure.

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