Curate is Back!

This is an image of the control surface at the heart of the Curate App.

Something we’ve been meaning to do for months now is get the Curate App fixed and back up in the app store. We are pleased to announce that we made this happen. The ultimate playlist remix tool is back in the Apple app store and 100% free.

Click here to download the app today!

What is Curate Alpha?

Curate ALPHA is the long awaited update to the Curate MELO-X app.  Curate ALPHA is an interactive art piece that continues to defy simple categorization, combining gesture based audio controls with fully responsive visuals synced to a FFT audio analyzer. Alpha is a treat for your eyes, ears and fingers. Users can use Alpha to build a playlist filled with their favorite songs, beats, sample packs, field recordings, mixes and loops.  The new AB loop along with 4 new audio FX knobs makes Curate ALPHA the ultimate playlist remix tool.

With so much music released daily, we often forget the level of expertise used to create each new track. Curate Alpha serves as a gateway to connect users to the music. Designed by the team at Xtra Creative House!, the app takes just a few minutes to learn and a bit longer to master.  Offering a new and unique listening experience for everyone from casual music fans to seasoned DJs/producers.  

Sample like a pro with the Curate App!

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