Think Like A Rapper Episode #110

Hip Hop is one of the strongest cultural systems in modern times.  What can we unexpectedly parse from it to use in our daily lives?  This week Double 0 sits down with super producer and visual creative Melo X to discuss going from youtube to Beyonce, the greatness of creativity in the blog era, and what social norms are for sure dead.

And another one… check this extended interview with Double O on the Think Like a Rapper podcast. Available on all streaming platforms where you listen to podcasts… STICHER, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Youtube.

Got to dive deep on Living in LA and Hermit Life. We nerd out on doing live sets with Flash Drives, MIDI, and Fruity Loops! Then get lost on Myspace, Maxwell and Beyonce Remixes, sources of inspiration and tips for finding that inner peace.

Good to catch up with Double O – Long time!

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